If you are looking for quotes and historical data of various financial instruments, you can download from us at FINPROPHET.COM (https://finprophet.com/en/pages/instruments/loaddata). The service looks like this:

You can download 6 types of financial instruments: stocks, futures, indices, bonds, ETFs, stock quotes of investment funds.

More than 5000 instruments in total.

You can choose a tool for downloading in the menu on the left:

Above the quotes selection menu, you can select the type of financial instrument or conduct a search:

You can download the quotes of the following timeframes:

– 1 minute;

– 2 minutes;

– 5 minutes;

– 15 minutes;

– 30 minutes;

– 1 hour;

– 90 minutes;

– 1 day;

– 5 days;

– Week 1;

– 1 month. Timeframe selection is available in the following area of the window:

Below the timeframe selection, you can choose the format of the output file and data. You can specify the format of the displayed date and time, the type of separator and the fields that you want to output to the file.

The downloaded quotes can be used to develop, research and test trading systems, trading robots and trading advisors.

If you are interested in adding the required parameters, you can write to us at info@finprophet.com. We will try to help you and add the necessary functionality.

We wish you success

and victories in financial


Finprophet.com team

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