If you are looking for which you want to invest based on historical data on profitability (including dividend yield), you can use the FINPROPHET.COM Company Profitability Rating service (https://finprophet.com/en/pages/instruments/rating). The service looks like this:

The rating is available for 24 financial markets and over 3000 companies.

The rating itself consists of 3 types of returns:

– Exchange yield, which takes into account the rise or fall of quotations.

– Dividend yield.

– Total return, which is the mathematical sum of both returns.

The yield is calculated for the previous calendar year. You can sort the companies by the type of profitability you are interested in by clicking on the column, as shown in the figure.

For example, you can search for companies for your dividend portfolio.

However, we draw your attention to the fact that when choosing companies for a dividend portfolio, it makes sense to take into account not only the dividend yield, but also the exchange rate. For example, Badarao19 shows negative returns when paying good dividends. Or the Tui company. Despite the fact that it paid out dividends at the level of 17%, it fell by 53%, which generally gives a negative result in terms of profitability.

When choosing companies for a portfolio, we suggest that you make an informed decision based on a forecast based on neural networks, as well as fundamental analysis. We have the appropriate services for this. For example, this is what the forecast of companies and other financial instruments looks like based on neural networks.

When selecting an investment portfolio, we strongly recommend making an informed and comprehensive decision based on many factors. This is not only historical data on the company’s profitability, but also a forecast, the use of technical and fundamental analysis tools, a forecast of industries and markets. By the way, we also have a forecast of indices.

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