If you are looking for financial statements of companies, you can find them at FINPROPHET.COM ( The reporting looks like this:

Reporting is available for 24 largest financial markets and over 3000 companies. This number will be increased in the future.

All major financial indicators are available to you.

Reporting is available for the last 4 years, as well as for the last 12 months designated by TTM.

You can choose the companies you are interested in in the menu on the left:

Above the menu for selecting companies, you can select the financial market and use the search:

We are currently working on the issue of creating a service for fundamental analysis of financial statements, and it is quite possible that when you read this article, we will already launch this service. And if it is difficult for you to understand and analyze these reports on your own, then you can visit us and use this service.

If you make a decision based on reports, then soon we will also launch a service for finding undervalued companies based on P / E.

When deciding on investments, it is important to take into account not only the fundamental indicators, but also the market. The market may not agree with your assessment and should not underestimate it.

You can use the market forecast based on neural networks.

We have a forecast not only for stocks of companies, but also for many other financial instruments, including indices. All this with the ability to use technical indicators and many other services will allow you to make a more informed decision on investing in a company.

If you have a desire to assess the company’s profitability in the past, then we have a service for rating the company’s profitability:

Taking into account the fundamental indicators and dynamics of the company based on the reporting, the profitability of previous periods and the forecast based on neural networks will allow you to make a comprehensive decision on investment and inclusion of the company in your investment portfolio.

We wish you success

and victories in financial

markets! team


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