Big update

Good afternoon everyone.
A big update and a number of new services have been rolled out:

  1. Forecasting the fundamental / financial statements of companies.
  2. Ratings:
  • ETF;
  • investment funds.
  1. Previous signals and strategies are now “Investment signals” and “Investment strategies”.
  2. A number of services have been created for the selection of signals:
  • trading signals;
  • strong trading signals;
  • trend signals;
  • strong trend signals.
    The difference between the types of signals is that some show the approximate vicinity of the entry point, while others show a trend. Strong signals are essentially a filter based on a number of indicators.
  1. Visualization of the state of financial markets.
  2. Selection of undervalued and overvalued companies based on p / e.
    And much more.

If you have any suggestions, comments, additions and other things, write to us. We will definitely consider everything and think about what needs to be done.

There will be articles soon on how to use what.