If you are looking for investment and trading strategies, then you can view and select them at FINPROPHET.COM ( FINPROPHET.COM strategies are as follows:

As you know, there are a huge number of different financial markets in the world that allow you to invest in a large number of financial instruments. Even if we consider the shares of only one market, then their number is enormous. How can you choose the most profitable among thousands of stocks?

If you want to control your investment or trading process, then you are forced to use various automated systems that will themselves analyze the entire huge list of financial instruments.

If we consider the FINPROPHET.COM system, then investment and trading strategies are based on a system of predictive analytics (forecasting financial instruments) based on neural networks. The forecast based on neural networks is as follows:

Forecasts and, accordingly, strategies are available for the following financial instruments: stocks, futures, currencies, cryptocurrencies, bonds, indices, ETFs, stock quotes of investment funds.

The quotes forecast works for a period of 6-8 months. Accordingly, FINPROPHET.COM presents strategies for the same period.

The service is based on accounting for the forecast movement of quotes along the channel. If you look at the chart above, the orange highlighted represents the prediction of the moving average vector. We base our hypothesis on the similarity of this EMA vector.

An example of comparing the forecast and real data:

Green is the forecast of the quotes movement vector.

This forecast is shifted to the EMA level of the last trading day on the stock exchange. Further, a channel is built relative to the predicted EMA. As mentioned above, this channel is being built for a period of 6-8 months.

The forecast, the point of entry and exit from the strategy are set taking into account possible market fluctuations and there is a 10% tolerance at both ends. The very profitability of the strategy is calculated based on price fluctuations within the channel.

If you look at the table of strategies, there are several types of them. For growing financial instruments (buy / long strategy), for falling ones (sell / short) and for a sideways trend (flat).

You can choose the strategy you are interested in, select the appropriate type of strategy in the settings.

Also in the settings you can select the exchange, type of financial instrument, forecast period.

In the table itself, you have access to data on the profitability of the strategy, potential entry and exit points, and also prices.

You can sort the strategies by the columns you are interested in. For example, by profitability, as shown in the picture:

As you can see, some companies are showing significant returns.

However, if you take a closer look at the quotes, you can see that trading on some instruments is ragged, and it is not worth choosing such quotes. Although, of course, it’s up to you to decide. We would recommend looking at more stable tools. Albeit with lower profitability, but significantly less risks.

As you can see below, even though the company does not show a yield of 300%, there is understandable trading and an understandable movement of quotes:


If you want to increase your profitability, maximize profits, then you should carefully and comprehensively select investment and trading strategies. If you invest in a company, then evaluate it not only technically or on the basis of forecasts and these strategies, but also fundamentally. We also have services for this. Evaluate the state of the market, you can evaluate the market forecast. We also have services for this.

Be sure to diversify your investments. If you invest in a dozen companies and 2 fail, the rest will take you to profit.

Correctly evaluate the company technically, based on various indicators. If you wish, you can use our indicators, which you can add to a financial instrument. But we recommend using indicators in your trading terminals due to the fact that our quotes are not in real time.


We make our services so that they can be used by anyone, even the most novice investor who understands absolutely nothing about the stock and financial markets. Nevertheless, this does not exclude the fact that you always need to approach any issue with high quality and understand as deeply as your capabilities allow. But at the same time, we will try to take on a significant part of your difficulties.

We wish you success

and victories in financial

markets! team


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