If you are thinking about how to collect a dividend portfolio, then you can use the FINPROPHET.COM service (, which is called “Companies’ Yield Ratings”. This service is completely free.

In this service, you can sort companies by dividend yield:

When deciding whether to include a company in your dividend portfolio, pay attention to the total profitability of the companies and the stock exchange yield.

Take a look at the ranking table above. As you can see, two companies from this rating show not only not a bad dividend yield, but also a stock exchange one. But if you look at the next company, then yes, it may not have a bad dividend yield at the level of about 17%, but at the same time a strong drop in quotations in the stock markets, which can turn into a loss for you.

Therefore, it is reasonable to select those companies that show not only high dividend yield, but also select companies that show growth in general. Including stock quotes.

You can get more predictions at FINPROPHET.COM (

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