If you are developing trading robots or trading strategies, for example, using TSLab, and, in principle, any such systems, then you probably wondered where you can download quotes.

Especially for you, we have made a free service for downloading quotes for a huge number of financial instruments: stocks, futures, indices, ETFs, bonds, etc.

You can download it here:

https://finprophet.com/en/pages/instruments/loaddata The service looks like this:

You can customize the data output format you need.

Quotes are available for different timeframes, which allows you to work with both intraday trading and longer periods.

If you need any additional settings and have suggestions, then you can write to us at info@finprophet.com, we will think about how to implement it.

You can get more predictions at FINPROPHET.COM (https://finprophet.com).

Successful investments and

victories in the financial markets!