The natural desire of any investor or trader to maximize their profits. But if you are day trading and work on volatile instruments, then, obviously, you need to select instruments with the maximum volatility.

In order for you to maximize your intraday trading profit and be able to select the most volatile and profitable instruments, we at FINRPOPHET.COM ( have created a special service.

Service “Most Volatile Instruments”: It looks like this:

You can see the average volatility for different time frames.

For example, the picture above shows volatility sorted by latest date. Let’s take a look at the price chart of the very first instrument.

As you can see, the instrument is very volatile indeed. But we would not consider it as a potential tool. Very ragged and chaotic trade.

By the way, the forecast of the quotes movement vector is shown in orange. Let’s take a look at the following tool:

This tool is already more interesting. As you can see on the chart, the instrument is volatile most of the time. However, in comparison with the previous instrument, there is clearly a trade on it and there is no chaos that we saw on the previous chart.

By the way, the forecast is also shown here in orange. As you can see, neural networks predict an instrument sideways trend.

You can get more predictions at FINPROPHET.COM (

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